Grab your mask

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Author Ferox
Tags 1980s action author:ferox hotline miami unrated
Created 2013-01-24
Last Modified 2013-01-25
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Description I really tried to evoke the feel of Hotline Miami in this without making it finger-achingly difficult. Tell me what you think!

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but it was pretty flowy for the most part. Certain parts needed touchups but you can see for yourself in my edit

Otherwise its pretty fun, good luck! and thanks for asking me :)

I'm working on a pack too. Going to make a whole column, I've made 17 maps so far... but I'm thinking of putting some maps from NUMA. I dunno :c



Some spots are kind of awkward. Otherwise nice to highscore.
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drone timing was nice. fun to high score
Demo Data
Swapped the floor a bit which ruins the aesthetics but works fine.


Demo Data

I just realized how late it is. I'll fix it tomorrow.
Don't know how I missed in while playtesting. Let me fix that.
The gausses like to pin you while you're waiting for the floorguard, and the floorguard makes coming back from the exit switch a bit tricky. The rest of it works well, and I like the mix of dumb and surface-follow drones.