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Author Pheidippides
Tags author:pheidippides playable puzzle rated
Created 2013-01-24
Last Modified 2013-01-24
by 11 people.
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Description Simple climbing challenge. Your reward is gold.

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Sub-600 AGD

Fun map :D
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first try agd

a nice little challenge. you could have been more creative with that gold though and it would't effect gameplay

I believe I forgot an adjective or something!

Ironically, this map looks like a quiestionmark, however the map itselt is unquestionable! 5aved already.

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Rather enjoyable, here's an average all gold run.
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Lovely idea.

Nicely executed, looks good. 3.5^

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vroom vroom

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this is awesome.

lol this is gonna be ea.. fuck.
fastest demo ewer in the universe ewer!
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