Explosion of Vitamin Pain

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Author Traveleravi
Tags author:traveleravi cereal medium unrated
Created 2013-01-26
Last Modified 2013-01-26
Rating 3 more votes required for a rating.
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Description From lsudny's tiles []

Sorry about the gold...


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holy shit, lots of mines and gauss close calls. 4.
Demo Data

makes sense

But I thought the map was ok and I welcome criticism.

And it wasn't as thought I randomly made the map. The mines took a decent amount of time to place.


Still, you are putting your work in direct comparison with someone else's which has been judged to be much better, which will probably make people judge your work more harshly, and will make them more likely to deem it a waste of the tiles/their time.


If I had made the tiles I would have given myself a 5. But since I cannot give myself credit for the tiles... I give the level a 3.
you must have made the tiles /worse,/ because alone they're a 5.

I would

probably give myself a 3


But i'm bored

And the map is decent

sometimes tiles are meant to be looked at, not played on.