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Author Traveleravi
Tags author:traveleravi experimental funzy unrated weeeee
Created 2013-01-29
Last Modified 2013-01-29
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Description just for funzies.

For a minimalistic take on this map see this [].

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Fun map :D
Demo Data

I'd love to collab

But I suck at map making. When the time comes, I'll see if I can be bothered. If not it can just be a ded to me haha
Just send me a message when you get up to number 37 or 41 :)

Fastest Death Demo <3
Demo Data


collab with you :P


you missed out 2, 3, 5, 7 and 11 ;D

well listen, my reading week is coming up, (it's next week) so during that week i might make a map! :D

Thanks for critique

Your formula has inspired me... I am trying to think of a better one for you ;)

Hey Trave!

Lol, Please make for my last map one of those maths reviews you're doing, please, it's serious. Thanks in advance. :P
I definitely know how it's done. I just don't know how many gaps I have to fill i for it to be acceptable.

Ok, I'll get on IRC

Can I have still 10 minutes more to finish dinner? Please. :P


Demo Data

actual agd

Demo Data


Demo Data