The Next Random Trance: Shard-Grazing Dust Remnants

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Author Nexx
Tags 1211 action author:nexx collab randomdigits rated trance
Created 2013-02-03
Last Modified 2013-02-03
by 6 people.
Map Data

Description Collab with RandomDigits and 1211/trance! Also, this is what happens when you can't decide on a title.

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Eheh Nexx, thanks for doing one of my favourite levels. Looking it now, it still has its charme that got me.

Levels like those will be in my heart forever, also because they were the first ones I played! Will never forget, and yes, I became active only now... if only... ah!

@Nexx: on your profile I saw your page at the wikia, I can't believe you are the same BAMNman, in my old userlevels there was your awesome Vigilance 2, right now I 5aved it. Props to you man.

about the map, i don't like these type of tiles; i gave it a try, 3-4 for me, 3 for personal taste guys, good job on it tho
really means a lot to me. :)


Very happy on how this came out. :)
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Yes, faced.

Now, give me a high fice!



oh wow

guys this is amazing. faced.

better speedrun

5/5 from me.
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Interesting route.
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bad agd

nifty map
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Pretty fast AGD
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<Ardee> :D
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<Ardee> :D
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