Fornicate The Constable

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Author mistaken72
Tags author:mistaken72 bounceblock dda nreality playable rated rockets
Created 2013-02-05
Last Modified 2013-02-05
by 25 people.
Map Data

Description ===REQUIRES NREALITY===

There's one main thing about multi-rocket DDAs that piss me off - clumping.

And my DDAs tend to have quite a bit of that. This, however, has absolute minimal clumping. In fact, the average rocket barely survives 4 seconds. Propulsion in this DDA was also kept to strict bounceblock use, along with some one-ways for guidance. I'm not going to spoil the rest of the DDA for you, so please go ahead and enjoy watching 48 rockets trying to kill you!

Inspired by: Turbulence [] - Wizard2

Furniture Storm [] - Lightning55

Also, thanks to paradox-dragon for playtesting this! ^_^

Dedicated to my first DDA idol: shadenshaft []

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How are you able to DDA like this? 5aved to the effing max dude!




yeah suds,

but mine is twice as hard to please, since it is very picky.
i think everyone here agrees that there cool-o-meter detected something.
5aved all the way!
my scale is SUPER EXTENDED
real missiles at first, so I tried playing the map... yup, real enough, but the bounce blocks killed me first.


my previous comment got deleted. ah, well can't blame anyone but myself for that one. Nonetheless, incredible map.

I have to admit, my coolness meter twitched a little bit.
MY coolness meter also detected an anomaly here. You may have been impressed because of lsudny, but you may be surprised to know that his coolness meter only goes up to 12% compared to the length of MY coolness meter. And mine went up all the way.

Yeah! This is so cool, cool, cool!!!


There's a lot to love about this.
Very creative.


Demo Data

i meant big.

very big.

holy crap.

My cool-o-meter detected a very big coolness anomaly in this map.

Like, very high.

Oh now this is cool as hell.


That was awesome! 5/5 for sure

pleasant to watch

I have never seen an nreality dda map before