mother jumper

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Author mercuri
Tags author:mercuri bestmapever bounceblocks jumper ok puzzle unrated
Created 2013-02-05
Last Modified 2013-02-06
Rating 2 more votes required for a rating.
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Description check this out.
also, show me an agd.

ps all gold obtainable but it's obvious

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5 from me
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You want to make a quick collab? I can get IRC in 5 minutes if you want.

Yeah man, I know you was joking, but I'm asking a sincere opinion from you of what you think in general terms, I know that you're a pretty selective and I'm interesed in your opinion, please if it is not much trouble for you obviously. Also what you think about the Project Bean column?
Thanks in advance. ;)


honestly, you really think that my maps are shit? Be honest please. Thanks. ;)

btw, really cool golds here... :P

henry, mispelled it ^^

thanks herry, glad you liked it ;)
nice demo btw, fast as usually.


Awesome jumper, love the bb on the left.
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Still a little slow, but unfortunately I have to be going to bed here. I might get back to this tomorrow or sometime. Nice jumper though.
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Demo Data

not an easy level

took me a couple minutes to figure out how to finish it.
though i do like jumpers, and this one's not bad.

one of the slowest agd is on nreality (hs)
check it out if you can't finish. but if you can't finish this, i wonder what are you doing here lol