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Author StreetsAhead
Tags author:streetsahead emulator unrated
Created 2013-02-06
Last Modified 2013-02-06
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Description For the 'Emulator" NUMACON. The author I am trying to emulate is Wulfgang. I'm trying to emulate the flow in particular, not really the tiles that much.

Have fun!

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Great map!

You did an awesome job 4.5/5^


If only wulfgang was still active. Enjoyed this map though, good attempt 4/5


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Is that his flow requires practice to execute perfectly. He makes this flow wherein the player themselves must 'complete' the flow in order for it to work - this is why they are so much fun to highscore.

Whilst this is nice and quirky - and a great map to be sure - I feel it does not play like a wulfgang race at all.

That said, 4.5^, great map.


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Lol Meanapple

You had the general idea but you were quite a bit off. Look at my AGD if you're too confused. OHH new speedrun BTW.
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is this a race?

it plays like one sometimes lol
very empty, but its wulfgang
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This is the closest thing to wulfgang I've seen besides wulfgang. Lots of good elements here, lack of enemies seems surprisingly excusable as well. 4.5/5 from me.


Current path.
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demo AGD

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