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Author MaNIaC_iny
Tags author:maniac_iny dda unfinished unrated
Created 2013-02-06
Last Modified 2013-02-06
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Map Data

Description Read me.
Well then its been 3 years since I have played or done anything related to this game... so now I am a 'n00b' again.
However, to kick start my return I have uploaded this and another map to say - I'm back.
On to business, I made/ or started this map 3 years go but couldn't finish it in the present as this map plays fine in the userlevel sector, but it kills you off when you play in debug mode.

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not bad for a born-again map, but too overpowering and random/ Welcome back tho!


they are many ennemis in your dda, which is quite simple, but althought efficient.

however its a littel bit boring


Thanks. Good to be back.


welcome back!