Helmet Challenge V2

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Author kyozo_43
Tags author:kyozo_43 challenge competition difficult hard oneway rated
Created 2013-02-07
Last Modified 2013-02-07
by 6 people.
Map Data

Description A resub of Helmet Challenge [] because I didn't think it was actually possible.
This one is easier but still very difficult.
I have multiple doors because I wanted to set a challenge. Fastest demo with the furthest door by valentines day will receive a DED :)
1 is furthest, 2 is second furthest etc.

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thanks for playing through :D
and that 'Fucking Diamonds' thing. is it yours? because I didn't find it on google :D



oh, alright then.

still, I thought you're, like, 17 or something. :p I have a feeling you've been in the community for a much longer time than me. hmmm. dunno.


Just a quick word, any chance you could hold back a bit on the swearing? It's allowed, just, maybe exercise a bit of moderation, every other comment you make seems to end up in the moderation queue.


okay let's be sluts

also, holy crap. Are you seriously 14?

as I said, amazing for various reasons. it's a classic big ass level, but with a twist: once you complete it, there are various ways to finish it.

you're bored? go to the nearest door. you want a challenge? eheh then go back to the last door.

what i like: the numbers of course, the layout and the tileset in general, clean.

what i don't like: as van said, the drones at the start; also, the starting ninja: why not just placing him there?

nonethless a map to play at least once in your life lol ^^ it needs a lot of good timing, that's why i can't even get to the switch (i reached it once but died after).

sorry for not answering before


Ok so so far I'm winning :)
Come on guys, I don't want to have to give me a DED :P
I want someone to get into at least door 4. But thankyou for actually posting a demo van <3 Sorry about the wait ...


door 6, but i didn't like that we have to wait like 300 frames at the beginning, that's boring
Demo Data

And thanks zoasBE!!

Means A Lot! :D
But if someone was to study my agd, you would get used to it. Like I did.

those numbers look awesome..

and I'm find with the map as you gave a agd.. however one does not know how the drones move and it is quite random to play by a person who did not make this map (you ;d).


I'm 5aving this.
I always like this challenging exit by exit kind of maps, and this one is really well made, plays really fine and smooth at times, and challenging and frustrating like a good N map at other times. It has a really great replayability room. Nice job!

btw, I have a question to you in the last the23 map that you played..

Amazing how?

Can you tell me what you liked about it?

god, this is amazing. if only it was easier...
5/5, cool map and faved too.
Just to prove that it is possible.
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