A Big Bundle of Dedications

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Author StreetsAhead
Tags author:streetsahead dedication rated
Created 2013-02-07
Last Modified 2013-02-09
by 14 people.
Map Data

Description _destiny^- - My biggest race maps inspiration. Amazing maps.
123Leonidas321 - Great member of the community, very active member and has some really fun maps.
Traveleravi - Incorporates mathematics into his maps. I'm a numberphile so I like the idea of it.
Pheidippides - Great map maker, has been with the community for a LOOOOOOOOOONG time.
flagmyidol - Comments on a lot of maps and is a good map maker himself.
Tommy_Wiseau - Writes great features and starred in one of the greatest movies of all time (The Roomâ„¢).
lfaber - Active member and has a lot of great maps.
macrohenry - Active user who is great at making maps and speedrunning.
NachoCheese - one of the few primarily Nreality map makers currently active on NUMA and has 'Nacho' in his name. Epic.
kyozo_43 - Great map maker with quite a lot of addictive levels.
1211 - Active member, great map maker who should make more races because they're great :P.
mercuri - New member who has surprisingly fun maps.
im_bad_at_N - No you're not.
the23 - Great map maker with very fun maps.
jisarye - New map maker with fun maps.
elhombredelsombrero - Recent map maker with a giant map of his maps on his profile.
lori_csabi - Great map maker who's maps sometimes don't get the attention they deserve. :(
Meanapple - Formerly Jeremoon, Good map maker and active member who comments on a lot of maps.
astheoceansblue - Amazing map maker who's 'Map Theory' I often use.
artistolipto - Great map maker who is fairly active.
APulse - Amazing race maker, one of my favourite authors for races.
Sunset - Very active maker of great maps.
lsudny - Friendly map maker who introduces pretty much all the newbies.
quigon - New map maker, but improving quickly.
apakenua - Fun map maker, fairly active.
IodineEnvy - Great map maker, friendly and active.
BluePretzel - Very good map maker.
whitewhale - He apparently has around 2k maps lying around. Wow.
thereisaspoon - Great map maker, comments on a lot of my maps :).
mrgy05 - Widely known map maker, of the utmost quality.
Marsoar - Map maker who took a break, but luckily came back.
runningninja - Map maker with a distinct style.
deep_blue - Prolific map maker, very good quality maps.
PALEMOON - I dare you to comment on all of his maps...
RandomDigits - Comments on a lot of maps, has great maps to.
Nphasis - Awesome map maker and comments a fair bit.
Ferox - Cool guy who makes cool tileart.
rit0987 - AWESOME race maps.
Krusch - Extremely good map maker, still active :D.
Yahoozy - Very distinguishable author, has the longest map currently and the most features.
Unicorn_Drone - Active map maker who comments on a LOT of maps.
mahi_mahi - Very good map maker who is somewhat active.
Aidiera - Very good features and an awesome guy in general.
vankusss - Very good speedrunner, highscorer, and active.
R3D_N1NJ4 - Great guy, great map maker, and comments on a lot of maps. Awesome.
TheBlackLion - Great map with really cool tiles and he comments on a fair few of my maps.
Mohit_Ghune - Great highscorer, and REALLY good at making DDAs.
Harveyy - Should make more maps :P, but comments quite often.
romaniac - Cool guy with even cooler maps.
Coldcut - Quickly improving map maker.
zoasBE - Yes you are. Great map maker and cool guy in general.
29403 - Everyone's favourite five-digit guy! Great maps and comments a lot.
ENT474 - Very good somewhat-minimalism maps.
Epic4ever - Very fun map maker, addictive maps.
ska - Great highscorer, map maker and active.
EddyMattaGallos - active member, amazing highscorer and comments on my maps a fair bit :D.
Xerces - Very active user who comments a lot and has some pretty awesome maps.
miststalker06 - Great demo-highscorer, and great maps.
Nexx - Amazing map maker.
erikcu - Fun and unique map maker.
Wizard2 - Very fun and EXTREMELY unique map maker, really mysterious...
nitrile - New map maker who is very good at making maps.
Viil - GREAT map maker, very fun maps.

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Congrats on 50

Although I couldn't help noticing that my name wasn't on that list.

Great race!

Thanks for the hat tip

You wanted this.

So here you go: Near Light [] :3

No I shouldn't

I am a terrible map-maker... Trust me ;)

I also

comment on lots of maps

but nobody notices

Congrats on 50

Flow was very awkward in places. 3/5

this rhymes:

you are beaten
in speedrun.
:D D
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judging from thumbnail preview and others' comments, I am pretty sure that the map is really good.
so, a 5 from me. :)

hey man,

congratzz on 50th!!!
and real thanks for mentioning my name. :-)

p.s. sorry, could not post a demo. using my mobile. :-p

fuck me!

what an awesome race! nice level of difficulty and very stylish.
thanks for the mention too!
your maps have really grown since you first joined, and thats just awesome. looking forward to your next maps

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Thanks for mentioning me! :)
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fun race! I like the beginning the most. thanks for the shout out! hope to see more great maps!


On fifty
Thanks for the mention :D
ill fav this for long deep play later

Congrats on 50! \o/


Top of the list suckaz!


(that's an ice cream.)
So if I missed out you, I meant to put you in the list but I couldn't.
That they were left out. Crazy talk...

BTW reached the limit of characters :P
Although I just saw trance's demo.
Shit I was going a bad route.
Wow you're fast, I'm going to watch it now.


Haha faster than you leonidas :P
Thanks for mentioning me in the list <3
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vsauce is the bomb. I love his stuff. and ill try to check out that guy trav... next time don't post a mobile link lol :P


Forgot the demo. :)
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Great race though.


damn right.



hey happy 50th

sorry if i haven't been commented on any of your maps, or any in general for that matter, i've just been lazy and somewhat shy lately with commenting on maps. but i'm gonna press myself to change that sometime!

anyways, fun map, loved the beginning especially

C'grats on 50!


Awesome race! 5
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here, have an agd
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i made the list.



...i see how it is...

people are laughing of me again ;_;

I really like your new avatar! ;)
Thanks mentioning me!


I missed a jump but I recovered it. ;)
nice tiles
Demo Data
and described him as new. :p
grats on 50 :D