05-3: Pelotas

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Author elhombredelsombrero
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Created 2013-02-07
Last Modified 2013-02-07
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thanks for the hat ;)
actually I didn't even read the description on the map, so I didn't know about the challenge, but thanks anyways.


1: John is a knave. Bill is a knight.
2: John knave, Bill knight.
3: Will Bill say the road is this way?

please tell me if I am right on one of my maps ;)
Aand here's a demo :)
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I have no idea.

oh sorry,

On a fictional island, all inhabitants are either knights, who always tell the truth, or knaves, who always lie.
John and Bill are residents of the island of knights and knaves.

Question 1
John says: We are both knaves
Who is what?

Question 2
John: If (and only if) Bill is a knave, then I am a knave.
Bill: We are of different kinds.
Who is who?

Question 3
John and Bill are standing at a fork in the road. You know that one of them is a knight and the other a knave, but you don't know which. You also know that one road leads to Death, and the other leads to Freedom. By asking one yes/no question, can you determine the road to Freedom?


this will be 06-0 []


see if you can use this: