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Author turtles
Tags author:turtles emulator fabulous fun playable unrated wellsj
Created 2013-02-08
Last Modified 2013-02-08
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Description For Emulator. I think this turned out rather well. Wellsj.

I'd love to see an agd.

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Nice demo!

Pretty much flawless until right about the end, and still far better than I could hope to do. Thanks for sharing!


...AGD... in love...

Demo Data


It's what I think of when I think of his style, though. A bunch of his maps are like this.


caelus is cleverer than 'apollo 2'

working on the agd, this thing is really irritating, you did a good job. i don't know if i know this Wellsj, but this one reminded me of Precarious!

very nice jumper, 5