Part one: Through the Jungle

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Author StreetsAhead
Tags author:streetsahead racep1 rated
Created 2013-02-09
Last Modified 2013-02-09
by 5 people.
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Description Part one of a new race series.

The ninja goes through a jungle.

Surprisingly long race (for me at least). Very disorienting, as you would expect from a jungle. This took
me a pretty long time to make (4-ish hours).
Have fun!

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used the terrain pretty well, but didn't have any interesting bits
by the exit switch was a bit interesting, usually it's bouncies. Not that it's bad that it isn't, just haven't seen it in a while.

Overall a cool race, though the enemies felt a little lackluster.


this map is sweet, and the flow is great. it's been awesome playing your races and see you get better and better at making them. 5aved
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FBF for perfect jumps.
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messed up at end

it's cool
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the only thing i would have to complain about would be the first launchpad. sometimes if you hit it wrong, it will send you underneath the locked door. however, it's difficult to hit it wrong, so it doesnt happen every time. other than that, everything seemed fine with me. 4.5^
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Kind of hard to follow in some places but alright none the less. I tried to make it a bit harder than my other races in terms of jumps.
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