07-2: Los Escarabajos

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Author elhombredelsombrero
Tags author:elhombredelsombrero conectado emulator unrated
Created 2013-02-09
Last Modified 2013-02-09
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Description This is emulating this nevermore map. []

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<gloomp> gotta note that elhombre good god
<gloomp> the point is like
<gloomp> on another planet
<gloomp> it is lightyears


an AGD
Demo Data


Ha, I try. If could get an agd on your map I would post it but I will post more of my attempts if it will make you happy. :)

Yeah!! Fine!!

Only for you right?
I also want to see at least a single AGD from you in my maps.

nice runs

but lets see a real agd.

Ok, gameplay it's also really fine, I like how it flows in some parts, and the top squeezes are a great and challenging addition. Well done!

And this was me making some stupid things,
actually I really have fun doing it, 23 full turns in the circle, it was interesting and challenging not miss a single lap. Check!!! :P
Demo Data

And this one was like my ninth try.
Demo Data

this my second one.
Demo Data

this was my real first try.
Demo Data


I basically stole the tiles. look at the nevermore tileset that i linked in the description. I just reflected and inverted it.

You got really really great tiles here, super atmospheric!
I'll check gameplay a tad later.