128-1: Depection

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Author cucumber_boy
Tags action author:cucumber_boy emulator kk lucidium playable unrated
Created 2013-02-11
Last Modified 2013-02-11
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Description For NumaCon: emulation of arguably Lucidium's most famous map: Deceptive

Just the exit, and a bunch of gold. Not even any enemies.
Nice tileset though...

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nice agd. I made this [] for you


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no but seriously, pretty cool. actually, the gold is misplaced: it should be very hard to get it. the jumps are ok i guess, 4

i expected a few of these just because the tiles are so easy to copy, but i think this turned out pretty well. it has a nice atmosphere, and a couple of the jumps are pretty creative.

and it's fun! this one of my favorites so far. demo coming later.
I feel like you could have easily emulated him just as well with out copying the tiles completely. A little variation in aesthetics wouldn't make it any less obvious you were emulating lucidium

shitty agd
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Nailed the exit switch jump, but the jump up to the exit room baffled me this time. 4 and 8 tiles are fickle, fickle creatures.
Demo Data
In what is probably the most embarrasing demo I will ever submit to NUMA, I spend several agonizing minutes trying to grab the exit switch.
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