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Created 2013-02-12
Last Modified 2013-02-12
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2nd try

Demo Data

They are cheatable

but aren't they more fun to play when you don't cheat?


Fun little maps ;)
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4 from me
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Say goodbye to the senseless guy.


I beat it.

And zoasBE is from Spain and he doesn't make much sense ever.

I didn't say this before but welcome to NUMA, enjoy your stay! :)
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Is zoasBE always so hard to understand? Speak English...

Tommy_Wiseau, I will try to keep two maps on the hot page. What is the reason for that rule?
Feel free to make whatever you want and learn along the way.

I did not say otherwise, they are not enjoyable enough, they are pretty way better of the many usual mapper's production lately in NUMA. I just said a sentence for him, and he knows what I say, althought he says no. That's all.

zoas >_>

These maps are enjoyable enough, don't worry about being pressured to improve just because others make underhanded remarks.

That said, it's sort of an unspoken rule that one should have no more than two maps on the hot maps page. Which you have followed swimmingly so far, but keep that in mind for the future :)

Things must grow to something better, not worse.

slow down

on the mapping