24-0 Instant Noodle Cake

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Author R3D_N1NJ4
Tags 150 24-0 3 author:r3d_n1nj4 episodes rated series
Created 2013-02-12
Last Modified 2014-01-24
by 8 people.
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Description 150th map

ok, now i bet you're looking at this map and going "this gold isnt practical!" well, that's because it's not really meant to be.
the gold is an extra challenge. that is why, first AGD gets a ded and 3 rce's on maps of their choice.
now, about the map. it's a minejumper. it is possible. kinda hard to AGD. but, as always, hope you enjoy the map...and i hope you dont mind it when i write long ass descriptions and talk about random shit that's off topic.

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Mainly I am waiting because me and zoas neeed to finish p&P so we can release it on my 100th. And right now my 100th is baasically a 2.5-way kradda, and each section is dedicated to all my friends.




3/5 sorry it was a bit tedious.
Demo Data

welcome back

enjoy your stay


really cool map! And yes, p&P labs is coming along slowly but surely... me and zoas are reeditting the whole pack to make it better

congrats on 150, though! :3


just tell me what maps of yours you want me to rce and ill get onto it as soon as i can

nice macro

and thanks for the criticism merc :D


Not very fast though.
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This is cool, but there is something I don't like.
- The gauss killed me twice, I'd remove it.
- The zap drones were just stupid.
- I guess thwumps are ok.

Personal preference eh! Voted 3, it could have been a 4 hands down