Glass House

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Author astheoceansblue
Tags author:astheoceansblue tag unrated
Created 2013-02-12
Last Modified 2013-02-12
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Description Throw a few stones.

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additional thought: if all it was was a script, similar to sidke's favorite authors greasemonkey plugin which made edits to the site but as far as i know didn't require arachnid's cooperation -- then you could possibly skip arachnid and just get started. maybe see if you can get in touch with sidke? i haven't talked to him in about two months but he still checks his pms as far as i know

that would be cool, i think he might be amenable to it. he has been checking his numa related email more than usual lately (

let me know

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this map is a bit meh to me.

this is such a forgiving map, i like it


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O cool

you made a map! Personally this feels kind of weird to me. However the mechanics are great, as usual. 3.5^/5. And why do you have ratings disabled?