07-3: Copa de Vino

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Author elhombredelsombrero
Tags author:elhombredelsombrero conectado unrated
Created 2013-02-13
Last Modified 2013-02-13
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To everyone. Conectado has been fun, and being able to submit maps without having the reputation linked to my other account has been interesting. Yes, as many of you have guessed this is a multi-account. And some of you perhaps know who I am, others of you are perhaps curious. Most of you I imagine don't give a shit.

Well with this map I conclude episode 7 of conectado. I plan on making 2 more to complete a column and then I will be done with this for now. When the column is complete I will put all the maps in the form of a mappack on the forums for everyone who wants to easily play them one after the other. At that moment It will be obvious who I am.

Until then continue to enjoy or not enjoy these maps.

Todo está conectado. Everything is connected.

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wooow really terrific, i mean i didn't except it.
plus, i don't care much, your maps still are too strange (this one is pretty cool)


why do you think it's me?


The day is almost upon us leo.


sounds like trav lol. I love conectado, and I can't wait for the day when I find out who you are OMG OMG I CANT WAIT. Tell me when you release the mappack, I will try to play it ;)

I like the pink ninja. He is fabulous.


but really i don't care

I like that you use the pink ninja for some of these.


you've got an apple on your face.


You know sombrero just means hat right? My name literally mans TheManoftheHat.

And lsudny, I could be anyone. I could be more than one person. And maybe it sounds creepy because you realize that its true. Everything is connected. Everything you do and everything anyone else does affects the whole universe.

Everything is connected.


Demo Data
more likely the latter. but I don't care anyways.

or more like


is it just me

or does the sentence "everything is connected" sound super spyish and conspiracy...ish.


whats wrong with sombrero?
as some of the connections in the full map look coincidental, or forced. the maps themselves are neat.

(but for serious if you were gonna make a multi-account that was entirely in spanish did you have to choose the name "el hombre del sombrero"




I respect that.

I can't even put large images in comments on my own maps?
I wouldn't do it on someone else's map but it is obviously not bothering me... since I did it. So it can't really count as spam can it?

Just curious. If what I'm saying doesn't make sense I will put urls from now on. One thing. If the large images really are a problem, some of my other maps also have large images in the comments. I put a connected thing every time I finish an episode. So If you need to delete all big pictures there are more of them.

Thanks for telling me the rules.
Maybe just put the link to the image in a comment instead? Like this. []