Stagnant Veins

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Author apg
Tags author:apg comeback metroidvania rated tense
Created 2013-02-14
Last Modified 2013-02-14
by 12 people.
Map Data

Description The first map I've submitted in... damn, six years.

Well, this one should last you for the next six. Exploration, challenge, and mind games are what it's all about.

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holy hell

hi apg :O


how did I not know you'd made a map!? haha. Awesome. Great to see you on here. Nice map, some tricky jumps, good fun.
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It's great to see old usernames I remember pop up from time to time!


...Wasn't** my bad...


...Miststalker that would be cool if it was FBF...

So close...

Demo Data
No gold maps are classy. (And Eddy is such a magician.) Welcome back apg. I don't know if you saw but the Mappack Catalog is still chugging along.

Haha thanks for your words :D

Holy shit.

I'm glad I bailed on the competition. I would've totally lost my dignity. That is an amazing run eddy!! Massive props on the innov.


...well, im faster than everyone but eddy now. which is totally acceptable in my book...
Demo Data


...holy fuckin shit eddy! that was awesome. i knew that one could get to the right using that corner jump but i didnt think it was possible to get out of the exit switch area off that corner. that was amazing bro. im glad that i summoned you :P...

Haha thanks guys :P



amazing run , eddy!!


A pity, could have been sub-900.
Anyway, very fun minejumper, and welcome back! :D
Demo Data

Well look at that.

a - p - motherfucking - g

I thought you fell off the internet years ago!

Impressive work

Script. I thought Xerces had it there.

Oh, nevermind.

That was your run. Whoops! I use a dvorak keyboard but switch to qwerty while N is open - I tried to copy my demo data but still had yours on the clipboard. Here's mine :D
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Tied :P

That was fun!
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...well, kyozo you did a damn good job and i seriously thought i was beat there a couple times. Good battle we had though huh...

1097 is my max.

I just don't have the mental strength to keep going. You put up a good fight Xerces. I'm not as good a player as you as of yet.


Demo Data


...dammit one frame off :P...
Demo Data


you don't know me, but welcome back!


Finally sub 1100!
I'm going to leave it at that for now. I'll be back soon.
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Because I only play with one hand, this is unfair.
Demo Data


Carry on then.
I'm finding it difficult enough keeping up with you and script as it is haha
And yeah apg I noticed that.


...yeah apg i noticed that since the beginning. if you look a couple comments down i said that would be how eddy would do it haha...

...Also kyozo "stupidest" actually isnt a word. Adjectives of 2 or more syllables have the word 'most' in-front of them(just sayin)...
You can get to the door with one perfect bounceblock jump, saving a couple dozen frames.

These demos are getting crazy, keep it up.
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...OH SHIT my bad i mean Eddymatagallows not meta ing...


...i bet that meta ing would use the first BB to get all the way up to the first switch. and then at the end he would use that bounce block to get all the way up into the exit tunnel without using the wall...
Demo Data

... the way i found another innovation. i was often wondering what would be the quicker way to use the bounce block under the floor guard. it was either the double jump or the jump off the wall. and i found out its a combination of the two. a double jump with a jump off the wall hahaha...
Demo Data


...wouldnt it be awesome if meta ing just came along and smashed out demos?? i think i shall summon him to this comp...


...nahhh i wouldnt hate you for using MY innovation haha. ill just have to come up with another one to be even faster now...

...nice demo though. im not sure if there is any more innovations to be had and im not sure if i can beat that demo. either way i had fun with this little competition. so thanks...
But that is the stupidest request.
Very nice innovation though :) Props!
Demo Data

... you promise not to use my innovation?...
Demo Data


...touche kyozo, but i have an innovation ive figured out and its going to make my demo faster if i can manage to get in done in a demo haha...


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