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... what?...
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...oh yeah?...
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No you're not.

On NReality I got 1197 haha
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...well, damn i spoke too soon :D. well now im only faster than kyozo lol...
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This is fun

But I have 5 pages to write tonight... I'll check back later :D
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...Nvm kyozo is faster too haha...


...Well, i had a feeling that the floor guard over there was cheatable somehow but i wanted to play the map the intended way...

...anyways here is a speed run thats faster than everyone but script at least haha...
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Nice runs script!!

My hands are shaking haha
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Woah, pretty impressive speedrun there. It's always as cool to see the creative approaches people come up with.
sub 1300
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Hi apg!

It's always nice to see old members return. Hope you can settle in and have a nice time while you're here!
Also, see below for a demo. I would call this "speedrunning" as well ;)
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Sorry but I didn't see that route until I watched the other runs.
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Hah. That's not cheating, that's speedrunning!


I'm surprised you people insist on taking the bottom route twice. This approach would save you some time (and nerves).
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well, fuck

way cool

Welcome back!

Did I cheat?
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Okay, wow. 5aved.


Way too many mines.

You don't know me

But welcome back :)
Heaps of stuff that you've missed is just waiting for you haha.
Speedrun, best map I've seen in a long time. 5/5
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This is really damn good.


...very sluggish completion...

...Neat minjumper/puzzle! i enjoyed this very much!...

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cool, and welcome back! As you can guess, there is a whole new set of awesome community members ;)