Part two: Across a Beach

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Author StreetsAhead
Tags author:streetsahead racep2 rated
Created 2013-02-15
Last Modified 2013-02-15
by 14 people.
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Description Part two of a race series.
The ninja goes across a beach.
This map took a while (3-4 hours).
It is a little bit difficult (especially the beginning drone-race), but I think the enemies are, for the most part, well timed.
The tiles kind of look like shells.
Have fun!

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Pretty in the thumbnail and plays a treat! 5/5
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I feel spoiled, I get to play a lot of good races, all at once!

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I suck at races! I really do.

Its like the second race-demo I post to public.

Im not a highscorer and I just cant find the flow.. Never get it right. Here I just mess around, get all gold and accidently die. Meh.

I never managed to get those kind of thwumps right.. I mean the glitch to make them move backwards. Seen it many times ofcourse, but never done those myself. Well. Meh. ; P

This time the respone was much bigger than before.. So many maps to rate, overwhelming! :C
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Great race. 5/5


I see that 9 people have rated it 3/5, yet a lot of the comments are 5/5. Maybe snipers, it happened on my last delisted map.

very unique race!

5/5 and I am so stupid i went left in the beginning ;P
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could still be improved
5 from me.
You are great Race artist, man!!
i would surely do a collab-race with you in the near future.
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Fun race :D
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Look at the demo - it should help you a bit :P.

oh, that's how.

really cool race. It felt a bit empty aesthetically (if you could say so o_O), but the flow is great. Put some dangerous mines that could make neat close calls here and there and you're done ;3
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Easily improvable.
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AGD demo

Fun to play as fast as possible.
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