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Author 123leonidas321
Tags action author:123leonidas321 experimental playground unrated
Created 2013-02-16
Last Modified 2013-02-18
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Description I had my doubts about posting this, but I think it is a cool experimental playground to mess around in... the countdown to my 100th map begins!

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wow Leo, I really appreciate that, lot of thanks! Yes, I watched all the demos now, and that's full of... uhmmm, well, funny demos.. :P Seriously, I really appreciate what you did. Thank you. I'm going to reply to you in some of the maps about some things, I'll send to you a list of links of the maps replied here when I'm done. Again, thank you!!!

Also, I have just right now like 2 hours to try to finish P&P, i'm in IRC now. XD
/Are you afraid?
You sure are.
Everyone is afraid of... him.
He, who is unseen to everyone.
He know everyone
This cat, this grinning cat
Fear his maw...
you will never escape his maw/

This map has some of the best tiles I have ever seen combined with great gameplay elements. This map is a challenge to everyone who dares to enter his maw.


I think 3 drones is too few. and what is the point of the locked doors?

Also I think its too easy if you block off that that part of the drones path.

I like the diamonds instead of the arrow but I changed them a little bit.

Again Thanks!


Im stupid...


I like the beginning

But I took away some of the drones and Gave you a clue as to how to get to the middle.

you have to land pretty hard on the tile the gold arrow is pointing to. :) Maybe Ill leave the arrow there as a clue :)


hey can you playtest this:

Its kinda weird and im not too sure about it.


Yes, oh god yes.

As a result, the reported queue is absolutely useless unless you comment on a mod's map as well to alert them of the comment in question. Otherwise it just gets completely lost among all the "bad words."



concepts concepts

what do you think of my reviews anyway?
there was no critism about any of my reviews yet

from nacho?

show me :O


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Demo Data
But fun nonetheless. Pretty fun to mess around in, but a bit too repetitive. 3.5v.


You have been counting down since your first map...