24-1 Midnight Thief

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Author R3D_N1NJ4
Tags 24-1 3 author:r3d_n1nj4 episodes highscorer series unrated
Created 2013-02-19
Last Modified 2014-01-24
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Map Data

Description you are a ninja (no shit!)
and you have been given a task.
to get all the gold from the castles. why they didnt bother to hide all the gold in a dungeon or secret vault is beyond me. but they just left it out in the open like they dont give a shit. but they obviously do give a shit because they have an armed guard. this map requires you to learn from your mistakes and its just a highscorer. so, enjoy!

kinda difficult at first but eventually you should learn the rhythm.

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also mrgy talked to me, he didn't blow off the collab, he is just busy atm []

Here's the link ^


I wanted to make this. 5/5
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Well, just ask if you ever do. It's not a trouble for me, it's practise.


Y'know, if you wanted, I could make you an avatar or banner or something... can't guarantee it would turn out great though.
Just putting that out there ;)


And I use Photoshop CS for both banners and drawings.

For example, my current avatar :P

five and faved.


i wasnt actually trying to represent you. i was just trying to make a good looking map. thanks guys

oh look

I see a style that represents me

too good

to be ignored D: awesome and flowy...

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here is my route
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