A House on top of a Bone Serpent

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Author StreetsAhead
Tags author:streetsahead emulator rated
Created 2013-02-20
Last Modified 2013-02-24
by 14 people.
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Description A map with only mines as enemies. Fairly easy. The tiles were heavily inspired by Lsudny ( []).

I'm not that good at maps other than races, so I'm not expecting great ratings.

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agree w/atob

that makes it worse. And really this is your only sniped map. Continue back to normal and you probably wont get any snipes.
Show a reaction could worsen the situation. Just let it happen and the sniper will eventually get bored and move on.
You made it onto atobs favorites list! That means a lot, considering he is the "god of mapping" to most.

And ignore snipes, although it is kind of sad that you are getting sniped at such an early age of mapmaking :(

cool stuff.

but come up with better names, haha

I was going to rate a four, but have a five for counter-sniping.


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Whoever is sniping your stuff is a lowlife. Ignore them pal, your maps are good!


tag it "emulator"

this is very cool

I love the ambience of the bottom, astonishing. and again, I really like how you captured my tile style. 4.5^ from me :D

and about sniping... There's not much you can do, I'm pretty sure only Arachnid has the power to check IPs and that stuff. the only option is to disable ratings. :/
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I'm obviously being sniped, since not even 10 minutes ago it was 2 votes saying 5/5. So, future maps will most likely have ratings disabled.

oh wow, thanks.

this looks really neat (AND ACTUALLY RESEMBLANT OF MY STYLE). I'm gonna play it in a while :3
could be touched up, but fairly simple and fun. 4.5/5 love the tiles btw