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Author Marsoar
Tags author:marsoar featured playable puzzle rated
Created 2013-02-23
Last Modified 2013-02-23
by 10 people.
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This map was featured on 2015-01-21

They loom in front of him, the crumbling ruins of The Station. Many years ago, this was a cold, sterile place, with lifeless steel girders and sun-bleached walls spotless in the daylight. But the years have taken their toll – the building has become a desolate wreck, with stone and metal alike succumbing to the sands of time. And yet it remains as unwelcoming and foreboding as ever. He should not be here, he knows. To enter this decrepit edifice might be to never leave again.

I don't know about you, but that sounds like a dare to me. — lifdoff

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he means you are a virus that never/always fail.
that's up to you, now. go boy, it's your destiny.
your story.
your life.


Thanks for implying that I never fail, ska, that's really great of you. Love you too. <3

(Seriously though what do you mean.)


Not quite a puzzle.

But rather a jumper, so it's not surprising lifdoff likes it. ;) Good map and good first review.

Here's a rubbish AGD.
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my only complaint is excessive mines. 5/5

fun fun!

the jumps were neatly planned. I like.

holy crap

I got it too ;D
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What spudz said

Nice use of one-ways, looked stylish.
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Without the use of the trap doors.
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fucking sheat

Very cool atmosphere here. I had fun exploring. :>
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heh, my bad :P

anyway, the explanation still stands because i rarely do that.

It was just a joke bro!
I perfectly know what you mean pony.

i love cheating.

but in some cases i like to just point it out to the author so they can change it. an easy cheat like this at the very start doesn't really add much to a puzzle map. i much prefer difficult cheats in action maps or jumpers.

why you recommend that pony? you like cheating no? ;)

i would recommend placing the exit switch slightly lower to prevent cheating.
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cool stuff

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