Glass Astroturf

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Author APulse
Tags author:apulse playable unrated
Created 2013-02-23
Last Modified 2013-02-23
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Christ. He covered it up well. It wasn't that apperent you used the thwump. I loved it. Keep it up, Apulse!
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sub 1000
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Especially since it's a bit hard to replicate. And once you get the trick done, you go to the psychological state of "omg i beter not mess up" which as we all had at least experienced once in gaming, ends up messing up the run. If you could make the beginning less fail-proof, it'd be fantastic.

Have my awfully shitty demo of me being in the "omg i beter not mess up" state, and eventually, messing up.
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still a nice 4 though

it's very hard to replicate and takes a good bit of luck to get the right squeeze. also the gauss can shoot you while you're waiting to launch.

and a slow agd:
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gimmicky start, but fun otherwise
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