Upon The Wind

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Author _destiny^-
Tags action author:_destiny^- destiny highscore playable rated
Created 2013-02-28
Last Modified 2013-02-28
by 6 people.
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Description Two maps in two days wtf

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5 and faved. your maps are always my favourite;

you've caught a bug

it happens. We're glad.

Fast, yes. Boring, nope.

All subjective though, I just found the current layout needlessly imposing.


nice to see you around.. would be even nicer to see a race from you :P

Really didn't like the one ways on the left above the gold, without them there the AGD had a kind of cool flying kind of feel to it.


Sub-500 easily possible, I can't nail the left descent.

And pheidi <3 - you just get me.
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Demo Data


The gameplay here was a little unorthodox, but mostly kinda neat. What I really dig about this map, though, is the setting. Windmill islands in the sky? That's way cool.
Demo Data

5 + map in my favourites, for obvious reasons

It's a miracle!

/me will play later.