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Author apse
Tags action author:apse playable puzzle rated
Created 2013-03-06
Last Modified 2013-03-06
by 10 people.
Map Data

Description very long. used too many trapdoors, but couldn't find a reasonable way to use less with the same route.

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This level is insane


tiny bit faster I guess haha
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Great map!

Pure apse quality

Slow AGD

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I hadn't

even rated this one! This is fantastic... again. I'm amazed by your brilliance and innovative approach to mapping.

thanks apse.

I'll see what i can do. And I'll look at the paths before doing anything. :P

Here ya go!

paste []

thank you

you saved my life with those judings lol :)

damn, you're good with this puzzle thing. *lsudny hides in the corner*

I do not get it, I do not know where to go..


This is really genius.

This is brilliant.

How the hell do you come up with this? :P


...faster speed run...

...this map is SO cool. cool launch pad mechanics, gnarly teleporter, and good technical jumps. i really have never seen this LP mechanic where you end up walking through them. anyways congratulations!...

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almost got an agd on my first try, played a few more and then was distraught

Ahh nu

I accidentally reported apse's comment for abuse!

Anyway, this looks cool.


god yeah

i've been working on this on and off for about 3 weeks now :(

speedrun route 2

is virtually impossible, but works like so:
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ahah oh hey!

you finally made the map with the launchpad thing

speedrun route 1

fuckups included.
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