Folding Inwards

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Author astheoceansblue
Tags author:astheoceansblue unrated
Created 2013-03-06
Last Modified 2013-03-06
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Description Overblown guff.

Tiles taken from here [].

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I think that works nicely.
it feels like it needs one

Thanks 123.

Also: Should I put a thwump on the far right as a trap/elevator?

nice job with the gameplay! I liked how you took it from the tileset, although cutting up the ninja slightly ruined it :/

Althought, I think you're kidding us.
I think no, anyway, atob, maps are sometimes what they are, and can not be anything else, like sometimes tilesets are simply to be looked at, in any case, I think you completely lost here one of the essential aspects of the original map that made it at least funny, which is the subtle and suggested figure of a big Ninja holding in his hand a little one.

Cheers fonda.

Here's an agd, definitely tonnes of room for improvement.
Demo Data

And a completion!

Too hard for me to AGD.
Demo Data
Jeez! This is awesome!