The Panda King

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Author efaber
Tags action author:efaber ded gauss n-art pandas rated
Created 2013-03-07
Last Modified 2013-03-07
by 6 people.
Map Data

Description I had meant for this to be a red panda, but that was just too hard to do. This may not be a great map, but I think I made it as good as possible considering the inconvenient tiles. Try to steal the bamboo from his mouth before he can eat it.

Sorry to wafflesoup, I know I said this would be a collab. So, I dedicate this to Traveleravi and Leonidas.

Trav, your'e a great guy who is always willing to converse with me on IRC. Thanks for our collabs, too.

Leonidas, thanks for letting me in wafflesoup. I hope we can finish the collab we had planned from before I left a couple of months ago.

This is also a dedication to pandas of all kinds and from all around the world. I love you all so much.

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we can finish the mass collab tommorow
It looks like a retarded panda lol.

thanks for ded

and don't worry, the map looks sweet :D we can finish the collab sometime on #wafflesoup, maybe tommorrow night?

I like the head tilted gesture that has this panda. XD

Wow! What a cool panda tileset. While hard, you made it fine and funny efaber! Seriously. A 3.5v because I'm not really sure about the object-set and the gameplay there, anyway and again, funny tiles!! :D