im back again!!!!!!!~!

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Author nuggets
Tags author:nuggets fun rated
Created 2013-03-09
Last Modified 2013-03-09
by 14 people.
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Description hy again guys!!!!!~!! im back wiht a new map with lots of red boms and yelow coins!! some hackers named viil apkenua and random digits took over my accaunt but i wrote to admin and they got banned!!!! so now enjyo the map but watch out becuase theres lots of dargnerous boms!!!!!!!!

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red bomby things and yellow coins you can not finish im back


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RD- lets make a stupid tileset
vill-here, i just added stupid objects
apakenua- OMG Boms thingYs!~~!@!!!!!!1!
this Si reely t0p-qqualIty!!!!!`1!!!!!~1!!

Sub 350

Oh dem hackers. 5/5
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it's brilliant.

people don't know what's good anymore.

hy guys

this one only got 3 ninjas is it bad?

I'll get there Leo

Lolz, sorries Le0, I forgotz that I'm still noob


you and your theory's leo

oh m god

ths map as so fun that a whitw taer came ot of my weewee wen i finis play it wy does itsmell funy. 5aved becaos dis is the amap for teh pr0z lol xD XD B)


blue_rocks, you are supposed to be a n00b, so talk like one! You can't sound professional until.....50th map :D

lol jk


i dont get it...


I thought that N had reached its limits for innovations and ingenuity. I thought wrong. This map redefines and raises the standards for what should be considered an excellent N Game level. This is off the charts. 10 out of 5.
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why bother doing this?

you sir

had me banned for a long time

the prodigy returns

still better than most of my maps
Demo Data

this shows

that it matters who submits, and not what the map is like

omg nuggets!!!

if I was yOu i wood just taek won of those red circley bomb tHIangs and smash it In those hakceRs facess!!!~!!!1! AND thay Mihgt evin blead gold cOins!!1!!1`~1!!1

lol you guys have way too much free time... XD

best map 2k13

will go on dronie list