Silver Spear

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Author rit0987
Tags author:rit0987 race rated short
Created 2013-03-13
Last Modified 2013-03-13
by 36 people.
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Description Another short race from me.

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NEVER a 3/5

5/5 for me. Why is it rated so bad
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entire map in FBF

looks cool how i just float around. favourite race map since destiny's prime.
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I have another race out. Also would you like to do a collaboration race if that's possible?

My race map Heroin

had some influences of this thrown in.
Just thought I'd let you know.


It was a good challenge getting all of those double jumps and I really enjoyed how the ninja really flew all around the screen.
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a no measured jumps map from you is a an auto 5


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cool stuff

shitty demo.
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WOW this is so fast and fun !
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but some parts broke the flow.

Nice stuff

A little claustrophobic haha
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And thought "OMG rit not doing a race"
But then I saw it was a race. oooooh
Speedrun :)
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No measured jumps here ;)
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