Dense Century

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Author script
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Created 2013-03-15
Last Modified 2015-04-20
by 13 people.
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Description Celebrate my 100th map with me! :D

I finally made it to the triple digits!

I daresay this map fills space even more than Corpse Pose, [] which was totally not an inspiration in any way ;)

^Based on some fun math []

This map was featured on 2014-07-21

This map is great enough to make David Hilbert proud. The tiles in this map form the 3rd iteration of a fractal called the Hilbert Curve (best explained in this rather fun video []). Rarely have I seen a mathematical concept turned into a map that is fun and exciting. With Dense Century, Script managed to make a map that was challenging and fun for the non-math people out there. For those like me the math bit was just more of an added bonus. — Etothetaui

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Trying to run this in NReality but I've already used up all my skillz for today. Still neat. I'm gonna beat this one soon!


Hard but nice map
Wasn't even born in 1963
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Aww, thanks!

Etothetaui, thanks for the review. I hope everyone is doing well here at NUMA!



very good map, by the way. crypt-like atmosphere.

here's a goddam agd
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Hilbert. Very nice. have a 5

congratulation :)

can it be that the drones are faster than normal?
take a 5