Needlessly Hard Minejumper

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Author _destiny^-
Tags action author:_destiny^- destiny jumper playable unrated
Created 2013-03-16
Last Modified 2013-03-16
Map Data

Description Spammed a bunch of E tiles around whilst the LCS stream was down and made a random minejumper.

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let me post a demo or something


Demo Data


You rock my socks.

Faster AGD

Sub-1400 easily possible.
Demo Data

what the fuck

you are amazingly good
A pity I have a bug so I cant invite people
my name is Golgolar if you want to add me



Could b cleaner, but still a decent run, I think.
Demo Data


but surprisingly entertaining and thrilling
Demo Data

hm, hard to get through but nice ideas on the jumps, have not passed the 1 gold 3 mines in a vertical line..

I exploded



My summoner name is FlatCapSniper

you play LoL?

NA or EU?
I really enjoyed this.
It's difficult, but manageable.
I had a completion... but it was the one time I didn't record


add me on LoL


I really enjoyed the mj got close but couldnt win

I did it!

I'm so proud :D
Demo Data

too hard

it kills me