Stacks of Squares

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Author efaber
Tags action author:efaber gauss laser rated rocket
Created 2013-03-20
Last Modified 2013-03-20
by 9 people.
Map Data

Description Collab with traveleravi.
Very happy with how it plays and looks

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come back!


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for me it's more like this []


nice stuff
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I didn't understand anything about your comment in my map? I think you got the wrong person.


The ninja got a haircut.
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looks like a combination of this [] and that []. anyways cool tiles and okay gameplay!

Solid gameplay.

Really cool

looks great and plays well, almost suds-y. 5/5


Demo Data

I love those tiles

And it plays good to,
here have a 5
Demo Data

very nice

was fun to help make!


I really liked this map! The title was what made it for me. It was completely original and unique! It fit the level perfectly!

Haha, seriously though, great map man! I am giving this a 4/5. I really enjoyed playing it. I kept getting lasered when I went for AGD though.