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Author bogax
Tags author:bogax fun-to-look-at hard n-artish n-hart playable unrated
Created 2013-03-24
Last Modified 2013-03-24
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Map Data

Description From my heart, a hard n-art :)
I tried to make it both nice and playable, but you decide if I actually did so...
So, who likes launch pads?!

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Something like this for the left side thwumps
Demo Data


int the left side the down thwump is missing( I wanted to make it diiferent from the rght side so it could have another way of getting the unlock thing )-if that's what you mean.
the thwumps compliment each other perfectly, not as the left side does.

review I could remove some of the level's objects at request caue it seems really hard to me, but if someone can beat it, I'll leave it as it is.I don't want it to be too easy either :)