Rocket Hideout

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Author Seneschal
Tags action apts5 author:seneschal featured hideout paddedcell rated rocket
Created 2013-03-25
Last Modified 2013-03-25
by 11 people.
Map Data

Description A handy tip for those frustrated by the bottom section: you can commit suicide using the 'k' button.

This map was featured on 2013-08-08

It's always nice to see something refreshingly different on the hot page; Rocket Hideout is no different. For one thing, the map has a checkpoint. It's not so much a checkpoint in the sense that, if you die, you respawn there. It's more a case of you'll respawn there until you die.

The map has the feel of bouncers trying to force you out of a club that you're sneaking into because you are only 16 but your brother's in there, his phone is off and he has the only keys to the house (you've locked yourself out). You fool. — ChrisE

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I'm not self-inflicting myself with stress anymore
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Great map

But fuck it. Had my younger brother guffawing at me from behind my shoulder. NEEDS A MORE PROMISING BOTTOM MIDDLE CHECKPOINT!!!

first completion

demos are always the most true
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Funny review

but to me this is just a mine jumper with launchpads and nothing we haven't seen before. 103-4 on NReality immediately comes to mind.

AGD argh.
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cool concept, but I didn't like the execution. I think that bottom section is too punishing, and that there should be a checkpoint of sorts in the middle - atm. I just don't find it fun enough to complete.
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Your demo on my map is painful to watch.

It'll be even more painful after you watch mine...

don't forget

apt is due today!


due to a miscommunication on my part, Nreality maps ARE in fact allowed for apt.
you failed your parenthood test.

good concept, though... just that bottom part... my god.

hell yeah

nailed it, and in real time

thanks for the inspiration, script, watching that ~10000 frame demo was a real experience
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I am very proud of this
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Watch till the end to see me die on the last mine
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cute map

by the way. those launchpads can be very unforgiving sometimes...

it's near

lewisham, right?


this map is hilarious
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this would be another KRA

launchpad hitboxes not being particularly accurate

while not your fault

means i may never speak to you again
mines aren't my worst enemies anymore. congratulations launchpad, you're 1st now!

this makes me

want to kill rabbits


beat that demo. damn i'm good.

awwww yeah

got there in the end.
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dude. that bottom section. just too much for me.


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