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Author frenchtoast
Tags author:frenchtoast unrated ya
Created 2013-03-25
Last Modified 2013-03-25
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Description Is there a way one can apply to be a reviewer? How does one become one anyway?

Short little map.

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Fun map :D
Demo Data

maybe. I dunno. o_O

I should clean them up a bit. I remember that furry had slightly more favorites somewhen in 2011... nothing for sure, though
but never wanted this to be a full-time job :P
in our hearts. One must only look within.

being a reviewer,

the only way I know of is in the major dronies updates. In the news for "The 2012 Dronies has Begun!" Aids mentions 2-3 spots for a reviewer. Keep an eye on news posts.

Although there is a chance you could become one now! I think flag really wants tons of reviewers now, so it wouldn't hurt to ask him. just pm him some sample reviews by you.

hope this helped ;) (Not proofread)


Weren't you a reviewer?

yeah, it's something like that. :3



I was really bored.