The Monster

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Author blue_rocks
Tags author:blue_rocks concept fun intermediate monster placeddronelastleonidas unrated
Created 2013-03-27
Last Modified 2013-04-21
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Description You want to get rid of it. Yet you can't. You want to out run it. Yet you can't. You want to beat it. Yet you can?

A simple concept map. I hope you enjoy it! It shouldn't be too hard!

If you find it cheatable tell me with a comment and demo data.

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Hey man!

I finally released my 100th! You are mentioned in it! read the whole thing!


Fun map :D
I don't know if this is considered as beating the drone.
Demo Data

Thank you friend! I appreciate you playing my map and giving me feedback =)


i like puzzle maps like this.
i also liked how ou used thesame drone for all of them.
Demo Data