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Author Uniden
Tags author:uniden chimney hard unrated
Created 2013-03-27
Last Modified 2013-03-27
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Oh woops

Didn't realise you said that haha! And yeah I totally agree with what you're saying, I suppose it is an assy thing to do.

Not even if everybody knew it would be ok in my opinion.

kyozo did you read my comment?:
"He either thinks everybody already knows (which cleary isnt true) or is trying to fool people."
Look, I play tons of maps and I've seen tons of people who didn't know his demos were fbf'ed. I completely disagree with it being "irritating" to mention on every map, doesn't take that much to type "fbf".
I consider what he does as a lack of respect to the others.
He is merely somebody who /always/ FBFs so therefore it would become irritating to say so on every map. We all know he does it so there is no need. Only with new people he should say it.
On the main screen of N.

Ohhhh ! How do you get frame by frame anywayz ?????

"Fbf" basically means the demo is not realtime, literally "frame-by-frame", it was made by choosing which key to press on each frame, pretty much cheating if you don't mention it. That's why its so frsutrating for kkstrong (so is for me).

miststalker's demo are always done by fbf, but he never mentions it, and I doubt he has the intention to do it as have already suggested him to do it. He either thinks everybody already knows (which cleary isnt true) or is trying to fool people.

whats fbfd???And hows he low life!


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Indeed. Nice idea :D
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Fun map.
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