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Author bogax
Tags absurdchaos author:bogax fun gauss medium-hard rockets unrated
Created 2013-03-28
Last Modified 2013-03-28
Rating 5 more votes required for a rating.
Map Data

Description You know...a better version for this is my other map "bounce"
(this is a resub)

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got it :)

I'm a bit weird myself(i actually knew nobody's gonna like it)
->it's not nice and it's boring, but be sure i will submit some like this from time to time(1 after 8 good maps from now on).even though others might not like them, some disorder (bad maps) is a must-have for everyone...and i'm gonna be one of the helping buddies :))
I got that this one is nasty, but what about the others?(ROCK SWORDS, ned_hero)-it's true, i don't generally focus on the tileset on most of my maps, but i tried to create some good mechanics(not in this map, cause this one is an "absurd chaos" map, from now on :) )

2 Major rules:

1) Try to create an aesthetically pleasing, awesome looking tileset, like The map 2 below this one [] A tileset like this will unattract people because it is boring.

2) Make the objects compliment the tileset. Make them flow, provide a challenge, create fun. Don't spam random objects all over that don't make sense and annoy people. This map [] has a clear, simple theme, with fitting objects and enemies, and the tileset fits because it is also simple.

Just trying to help you improve ;) No offense or anything :D

resubed it

getting a good feeling when it looks right :)