In vitro veritas

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Author da_guru
Tags author:da_guru dagurusalterego longtagsstillrock mayalsohavebeenmadebyartificialintelligence playable thwumpidump unrated
Created 2013-03-28
Last Modified 2013-03-28
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Map Data

Description I don't know how I made this map, this is just not me.

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Really nice experimental map.

Certainly NUMA needs this kind of things.
I like the way and the layout you used to make this map up. Well done on making a super flowy path there, almost a conceptual race. The challenge it's also great, althought there are some sections of a difficulty level a bit higher to the overall pace.
Either way it is a really interesting map to enjoy and save. And investigate from time to time.

I'm going to use my zoasBE account to make the rates and the comments. Here's the first one.

part 2

I hope you aren't mad about that... I was in a silly mood and wanted to mess around with you as a joke.

Yeah my maps aren't that bad lol.

And actually, we have sort-of collabed before. I was the one that organized that massive collab, remember? :D
Surprise :D
I though it was obvious...
I tried to spam it with as many stupid enemies as I could, in the worst annoying places just to mess around with you lol

I had a fun time, but I thought you would realize it was a joke. Same with the """mechanic"""-- I spammed every enemy behind the gold as possible in a noobish way as a joke

You fell for it :P

rofl right now, man. haha. But yes, I'd still be up for that collab :D


U like the edits? XD
They give impressions to the author, and its the author's job to fix it :P

Here is a better version imo:

please play every single part, I feel it is at least a 4/5 now that I added a theme and a bit of a minor challenge. It is like awesome now. Try the whole thing! :D


playtesters are there for preventing maps from just being "ok" :p


Wait say what? This is supposed to be a race?

This map [] is more of a race :P

Haha I'm just joking around you know I'm playing bro ;)

I really gave this a 3/5 its ok ;)


Hey I just playtested it. Add me to the title too XD

Everyone leave NUMA

da_guru became a noob again :P
Demo Data


*its edge


I think it's the same thing which happens, when you run underneath a thwump and it's edge hits you, but you just get pushed. crazy demo, though.


if anyone can explain what I did at the end of this demo I would appreciate it
Demo Data


this map didn't really click with me until I realised that it was a race; now I really like it! Only gripe is that the ending thwump manoeuvre doesn't really flow like the rest of the map does
Demo Data