Yourself Churn

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Author BionicCryonic
Tags author:bioniccryonic churn unrated yourself
Created 2013-03-30
Last Modified 2013-03-30
Rating 4 more votes required for a rating.
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sorry for rambling, but I am just annoyed about the sniping.
I guess I have many maps, including my post 100 ones, that aren't "above-cut", but I still think that I don't deserve a ton of constant 0s :/


Besides the fact that my last map was only meant to be a tileset, why should I "admit that my maps aren't a cut above the rest"? Yes, my recent maps have been horrible, but since my 99th-100th map, that was a 2 month wait and I haven't been mapping for a while.

Other than that, I find it interesting that you have only played one of my maps, and would comment and hint something like that. I constantly try to improve, and am finding my maps getting better and better (besides the last few like I said).

If that isn't enough, look at my histogram. After 100 maps,my histogram peaks at a rating of 4.5, which is common for many people here, but that's all I am trying to say. My maps are pretty good compared to others around here; not better; not worse.

I know my maps are bad compared to some people, like elites and old-timers, and maybe even some newer members, but still, I'm not going to say mine are below the rest. If hat were true, my reputation wouldn't be as it is, or at least was, before my major period of break

What I just said may sound babyish, but in my past few months on NUMA, I have recieved tons and tons of 5s and amazing comments on many of my maps. I always strive to improve, and if someone is sniping me, then yes, maybe they don't like my maps, but still... they don't have half a reason to rate with constant 0s.

Not proofread at all.


I don't know why, but i really like it too much!
Maybe because the suggested things, that circle, the Adventure there, seekers, the overall style, i don't know. But i really like it.