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Author lsudny
Tags author:lsudny crap rated
Created 2013-04-07
Last Modified 2013-04-07
by 7 people.
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Description bsdfj;kf

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I really like those tiles though! Feel free to remove or replace things, it's a collab so i don't really care.
where is your part brah


also i just realised that the door thing is terrible, should be replaced with two doors


It's not as if anyone is going to actually bother to check this exact map and see this comment, so yeah. I don't know the IRC and thus i don't use it.

the collab []

I like the idea of several symmetrical sections but you can do whatever you want with it right now.
/real/ first try agd.
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Well, I released the map you didn't play test =p hahaha check out the description. I'm just messing around with it though, don't take it seriously! The map isn't too bad! It isn't so much a puzzle, but just a new idea for N.

Want to play test something for me? =)

If yes, here is the link =) []

It is indeed a concept map!

If you don't want to, just ignore this =p

Well come on, if you do decide to leave you have to at least make it to the big 5-0-0! =p You're already at 495!

I'm not going to lie, guitar is a much cooler hobby than N. I feel your pain with lack of inspiration. Plus sometimes it just is boring. I have trouble making maps that I want to release any more.. and I haven't even been mapping that long. Maybe you can just keep stopping by when you feel like releasing a map, however often that is. Whip something up for the numacon ;) The boundaries set by it should give you some ideas.

Hey dude

Grats on all the dronie noms:)


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way better. I think you are drifting away into a new style ;)
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very fun,

I love the pixelated caveyness.
The door chamber at the bottom was perfect, and the gauss were well placed :)
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I did not
say one word.