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Author lsudny
Tags action author:lsudny rated
Created 2013-04-07
Last Modified 2013-04-07
by 5 people.
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lsudny,daj skype czy cuś ;__;

-nvm maybe you wanted as much flight/floating as possible to go with the balloon theme

really nice, decent agdonboard. Im okay with the mines but not really the bounceblocks (cause either bblocks or jumppads).

this thumbnail

it's fucking beautiful. map played alright, but it's true: you could have spared some mines.

k i fixed it

sal good :D

You're right.

But how's the map? I prefer feedback rather than comments that don't pertain the map at all.

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yeah mines are good

normally you are awesome with them, but this time they aren't the best. just my opinion. btw if you need to talk on irc in the next few days, just ask ;)


I like mines, you know. ;) :P

looks too empty

but it's true that i've put too many mines D:


the new map to comply with leo.
i think i like lsudny's better...

map []

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ok then

although I still stand by my point to not put that mine on the bottom of the sharp tile below the bounceblock. Hitting the top will cause you to explode.
mines are very rarely obnoxious and are usually "annoying" because it's there to increase difficulty. despite what people may think, mines are not only used as a superficial object for aesthetics, but also to provide genuine danger.

on the other hand i like this harsh side
:D this is a great speedrun map
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almost half as hard as me.

well i gave you some 5s on your other maps to balance out the snipes

o wait

u got sniped. ill rate a few of your maps with 5 to antisnipe man :D


Don't put mines on the bottom of thin tiles that you can fall on top of.
Don't put floating mines in the most obnoxious places possible.
Don't put floating tiles in the most obnoxious places possible.
Don't make really awkward jumps.
Don't overbear millions of mines in the bottom-left section
Don't tell me that this map [] doesn't replicate your style. It does more than this map :P

Do continue to make awesome tilesets.
Do continue to put delicious gold patterns.
Do continue to place a reasonable amount of enemies.
Do continue to make atmospheric environments.
Do continue to use launchpads perfectly.

lol i sound harsh, whatever you know ur my bro ;)

3/5, same rating as lori. sorry but you can do a little better than this. Make maps more often :D


Relax, I meant no disrespect.


fun map :D its messy, but to me it looks earthy and provides nice atmosphere. well done
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i'm so sorry. i know i suck.
This tile-set could have been so pretty if you had just made them less messy and awkward.
Above average rating from me.
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