I'm back I guess

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Author The_King_in_The_North
Tags author:the_king_in_the_north swag unrated yolo
Created 2013-04-07
Last Modified 2013-04-07
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Description huh

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I know it's spammy

But I just said fuck it and made it that way because it was glitching and there was one gauss that would always kill you no matter what, unless there were others around it. I had a better map with much more minimalistic gauss placement but I lost the code, and the glitchy gauss couldn't be deleted.
@daggafork that's odd because of the lack of quality maps I've made.
... I'm not kidding. But I'm sure this could have been done better. 4/5 because its what it actually seems to play.


you should've made your comment fully Italian-stereotyped!

A-spammy, look at other people's maps-a, and see what-a makes-a them enjoyable!


spammy, look at other people's maps and see what makesa them enjoyable
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welcome back

lots of people coming back these past months

very spammy

weird though I played one of your maps this week... coincidence? o.o
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