The Pain Withheld

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Author mrgy05
Tags action author:mrgy05 chillout mrgy playable unrated
Created 2013-04-08
Last Modified 2013-04-08
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Description Made this while listening to some chillout by RIT. (link) []

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Demo Data

cool edits!

yeah another swap-out near the top would be cool. Ill send this to R3d and see what he thinks.

dont worry man ;)

I figured you were busy

If you are completely not up for it, just let me know, otherwise take your time
cant irc right now, but me and R3d_N1nj4 did some stuff. can you add?

btw notice the individual drone movements.

part 2

but its about 10:30 where I am, gonna head to bed now and get off irc. g'night, we can talk more tomorrow.

umm generally

#n and #nmapping. I am leonidas on irc, btw.
I am trying to make a good prisoner, but can't really start off. The only one I have made is my 75th map, which u've seen I think.


Fun map, especially when I tried to push and not wait for the rocket along the top.
Demo Data