and in the end, all lifelines meet in...

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Author lsudny
Tags action author:lsudny rated
Created 2013-04-10
Last Modified 2013-04-10
by 13 people.
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Description ...this hole, apparently.

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This was a fun challenge. Cool lookin too
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I'm around. Just slightly less active.

great map. more difficult than I originally thought
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Hey suds.

could you recommend a good collab group? I've found two so far, i don't know if there's more, and I need someone's opinion for a good collab group to join. Do you know any good collab groups I can join?

awesome map, perfect placement in many cases, love the start, love the launcpad, love the map.


u should add my comment below sunset's on your profile :D


double post

That was technically a compliment, I think.
in case ur interested... it'd be awesome if you made a map :D

Your maps make me want to cut off my hands so I don't have to suffer anymore.

Slow AGD

good map. really liked the mine and gauss placement here. did a really good job. (especially those mines at the door key)

also, i noticed your creeping up closer to your 500th. any big plans for it?
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sorry :(

I was joking, sry


Do what things? I said you make maths in your bathtub...problem?
Mines added. :3
I'll try it tomorrow.


Fun map :D
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Very good


now I'll really leave it at that (this map is just so addicting)
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haha, np

Glad you liked it! Glass_Arm!!!
Put in your profile ;)
Hope you like it!

You know what it is?? ;)


but I'll leave it at that :)

tad faster

still improvable, though
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naah, they aren't! you know it. Keep it up!! ;)


8 to go! Well, 10...! :P ;)

tad faster

still improvable, though
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tad faster

still improvable, though
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slow demo
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